New Cafe at the Park

The construction of the long awaited new all season Cafe at Hotham Park has begun, thought I do regret the loss of a stand of willows lost from the winter garden. I guess willows can be planted elsewhere to give winter colour.

Winding down

Cloudhopper Gallery is closed on Mondays so I have a day off but he exhibition runs for another week until 27th September.  Today I did something completely different, painted my studio floor

Walk in the park paintings on show.

After all the hard work finishing enough paintings to fill Cloudhopper Gallery  and getting them hung on the walls the days I’m spending in the gallery seem very calm. A few more visitors would be nice but there are some who come each day and I’m running two drawing classes each week which are good…

Corvids, finished

What did Burns say about plans going astray? My planned calm day turned into an unexpected trip to Chichester to fetch prints which were supposed to be delivered yesterday and a flat tyre on the way home. In spite of all that I managed to finish this painting.

Corvids, in progress.

Only two days to go to my show but here I am trying to get another painting done. I have a list I had wanted to do and this was one I didn’t want to leave out. Sometimes working at speed is a good thing as there is not time to get too picky. Some…

Still working on this portrait.

Having a fight with the hand here, not the easiest to do at the best of times but as I’ve adapted the pose bit and I have to somehow make it look convincing. It is a good job alkyd paints dry in six hours! I’ll try again later.

Cards. 8 days to go…

There are so many little, and big things to get done before an exhibition. Yesterday I sent off for more cards like this hoping they will get here in time.  I couldn’t do this before as I was waiting for the photographer  to do his thing. Here are some I did earlier, she said, sounding…