The last of May

The final day of May and at last a bit of sun. Into the park this morning and it was well worth the trouble as the gardens look lovely. The little Mediterranean garden is awash with yellow. To me sketches are a bit like maps giving you a fix on where to go. Why not just…

Cow parsley time

I came across a wonderful display of Cow parsley and Campion in a wild area of Hotham and perhaps rather foolishly I have started on a painting of it. Sometimes I think I have a perverse gluttony for punishment! This is the first stage and it all looks rather pasty but no doubt after several sessions…


I always think finishing a painting is the most difficult part of the process. Knowing when to stop and assessing what still needs to be done is crucial as it is so easy to over work a piece and lose something in the process. I worked on this yesterday but this morning felt it still…

Magnolia, Stage 3

This morning I’ve had another go at this and I think it may be finished but as so often happens after the work has dried and hung around in my studio for a while I inevitably see something I need to correct.

Lodge House border

Hotham Park Lodge has a wonderful little mixed border which looks good all year round but is particularly attractive at the moment. I spent a long time drawing some of the plant textures in pencil and at last the sun was warm enough for me to sit for an hour without getting cold.