Cow Parsley again

Yesterday I did I a lot of work on this painting, it’s really quite a marathon as it’s so busy and I found myself wondering more than once what had got into me when I started it. Its still not finished but it’s getting more where I want it to be.

Couldn’t leave it alone.

It’s hard to leave a painting when you see something wrong, there is that nagging feeling of a chord unresolved. That is why I’m posting again so soon. I just had to correct the things I felt were wrong. Maybe this is the last time but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Winter Garden stage 3

I thought  this painting was finished but decided it needed more work. Among other things I have added the blackbird and I can already see I will have to do a bit more work as he stands out as the star just a bit too much!

The Ghost Cedar

There was a beautiful Blue Cedar in Hotham park, loved by birds but the Valentines day storm was too much for the huge tree and it came crashing down. Earlier I took a photo of this tree on a misty day. This latest work, still in progress, is in memory of that lovely tree.  

Summer, stage 1

The copper beeches have turned that wonderful dark mahogany colour and the greens are taking on that dark summer hue. The first stage of this painting is in acrylic but I think I will finish it in oils. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before we go away.

Cow Parsley Stage 2

Starting a painting like this is one thing, finishing it is quite another. There is a saying which state a work is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and I think its true! Yesterday I did a quick  walk through the park and there is so much to see, it’s almost an overload for someone like me.

Slogging on

Got into the studio at 6 this morning and so far have done about 4 hours with a short break for breakfast. With this painting I am trying a new technique using oil pastels on top of acrylic paint and so far I’m enjoying it and will use it again. The winter garden at Hotham…

Another work in progress

I  got into my studio early this morning and did three hours work before 9 on this painting which is inspired by Hotham Park’s winter garden. I like to have several paintings in progress at any time to alternate between them. The willows and dogwoods give a real splash of colour in the dark days of January,…

Meanwhile, back in the studio…

I thought I might try my hand at making a digital print from one of my drawings done in the park and spent a good few hours producing this. Hmmm! The scan also highlights our need to get a new printer which is producing a nasty line down the image.