Today was Hotham Park Sketchers day and three of us sketched for a a lovely sun drenched hour. I used water soluble wax crayons with spit and fingers for water. I chose this shady spot under old yew trees then took a photo to remind me of the scene.

Spring in the Lodge Garden

Sketching group in the Park today; what to draw in an hour? Big fat tulips in the Lodge House garden caught my eye with a riot of green things bursting to get attention all around, though at the moment these biggies had centre stage. Drawn in pen and pastel.

Spring shapes.

Hotham Park Sketchers met today and I wandered over to the small Lodge house garden, where everything is pushing up to the sun, thoughI must say a bit of that would not have gone amiss today. I love the contrasting shapes and colours of the leaves and they jostle towards the light.

March winds…

Met with fellow members of the Hotham Park Sketchers group for our fortnightly endurance test in the park. Honestly, I don’t know how those keen impressionists managed it, carting all their painting tools, canvases, stools, easels and umbrellas in all weather, even snow. As I got off the bus I was treated to a brief…

The Poodle tree

I have been Artist in Residence for Hotham Park in Bognor Regis since October 2013. Some years have been more productive than others but I have made quite a few paintings and a lot of sketches during this time. Some trees become familiar friends and this huge Black Poplar sketched during our fortnightly Hotham park…

Winter in the Park

Yesterday I posted a sketch I did and today here is a photo of the same spot plus some surprising shots of roses in bloom, don’t they know its late December?

Last Sketch of the year

27 December was the last meeting of the Hotham Park Sketcher’s group. Two of us were sufficiently recovered from festivities to make it out to a dry but chilly park. I settled myself in front of the gravel garden pond and attempted to catch the plant textures ┬ábut soon got cold. I did take a…