Spit and polish

Today would have been my regular visit to Hotham Park to join the Hotham Park sketchers group fortnightly meeting there but sadly, because of lockdown that is not possible. Over the years as Artist in Residence for the park took hundreds of photos so turned to them for inspiration. I put the photo on screen,…


Because my husband is in the very vulnerable category going out to the Park in lockdown is definitely a no no. Instead the sketchers have been posting work they have done at home. I have been going through my numerous photos and sketches using them as starting places to practice digital work on my iPad….

‘One misty moisty morning…’

Today’s sketching for the Hotham Park Sketchers group reminded me of that children’s nursery rhyme as it was misty, cold and damp giving me chilled hands and feet. It was with a sense of relief I got to the cafe to warm up after. I did manage this pastel sketch on A3 beige kraft paper….

Under the yew trees

Because of illness I have not been able to get into the Park for a while but today I joined the fortnightly sketchers group and as it was spotting with rain plonked my stool down in a grove of Yew trees which gave some shelter. I set about drawing one of the trees. Yews are…

The ghost willow

Today during sketchers group I visited this weeping willow which was once a lovely sight in the spring but this year its a bare skeleton as it did not survive last years drought. Its still very interesting to me as I love tangled branches but its a sad reminder of what can happen as we…