Running scared in the park

This morning I went to the park earlier than usual arriving in time to see the start of the regular Saturday 5K run. Today being halloween there was a scary selection of ghosts, ghouls, aliens and vampires. I did draw too but I’ll post that tomorrow

Autumn in Hotham Park rose garden

Autumn brings such a glorious  untidy tangle to the garden and Hotham Park rose garden is a colourful mess of  remnants of summer glory. Fortified with excellant coffee and muffin from the lovely new cafe I sat for a happy hour trying to catch this with pastels. The result ? Well it does help if…

Making hay while the sun shines

Today the forecast was sun all day so what better than spending another few hours in Hotham Park sketching. I’m going with pastels at the moment as I like the instant colour and the challenge of using a limited number of colours.  

Now, my autumn leaves

I’ve already posted on this blog today but thought I would share the sketch I managed to do before the sun went in. Not a great work of art, but having done this I will remember it better.

Autumn leaves

This morning I took my pastels to Hotham Park to sketch before the vibrant autumn colours all get blown away. I found workmen clearing leaves into huge plies and resisted the temptation to revert to childhood and run through them shouting though I did see three dogs doing just that.


A few days ago whilst in the Park I spotted these two critters in the  wild life conservation area. The squirrel was no surprise but the rabbit is not a common sight here.

Turn of the year

Today I decided to visit the park before all the autumn colours are gone. I am never disappointed as there is always something to delight the eye. The Mediterranean garden is filled with colour and texture