Plein Aire

It has been a while since I was in the park but a couple of days ago with blue skies and sun I went to do some sketching. Here are the two that I managed to do before it got too cold. The first is of the winter garden which was surprisingly colourful and the…

Signs of spring in the park

Yesterday the sun tempted me to venture into the Park where I sat to do 2 sketches and then retired to the cafe for coffee and lovely apple cake. Although it was cold there were signs of early spring everywhere. Tomorrow I will post my drawings but today the Parks’ spring jewels.

Autumn leaves

I set myself  the task of doing some sort of artwork every day for 2016. I guess a lot of them will be eminently bin worthy but at least it gets creativity flowing. This work in acrylic paint and collaged paper  is based on the lovely carpets of leaves seen in the park during autumn….

Holm Oaks in the Morning Sun

This mono print is taken from a pencil sketch of Holm Oaks seen in the morning sun at Hotham Park. The foliage is so dark but the light shining on the grass such a contrast. Continuing exploring mono printing I used rollers, fingers and other tools to create this print which is the largest I have done…

Snowy landscape, monoprint

Because the weather is so unsuitable for hanging around under trees sketching I am drawing on images from my sketchbook to create some of the monoprints I’m doing. Using black ink lends itself to snow scenes and here is one based on a drawing of a tree I did a while ago.

Spring in the Park, monoprint

The weather has been too wet  and windy to spend time in the park at the moment but I have many sketches and visual memories to draw on. I an looking forward to seeing these colours again but in the meantime I am experimenting with mono printing. The method is to spread the ink directly…