Santas Train in the Park

For three Saturdays Boris the train has been turned into Santa’s express,well maybe forget the express bit, complete with a grotto in this little shed. He trundles round the park as usual but ends in the grotto. In view of the current train crisis at least this one is reliable!

Winter sun

Since my last trip to the park I  have succumbed to a seasonal cold which has rather cramped my stye but I took these shots of the place I sketched last time. The light was lovely and I wished I had more time before I had to stop.

Goodbye old friend

Yesterday as I wandered around the Park I visited one of my favourite places, a rather wild area with a very old Elderberry tree in it. On the way I noticed  the tree surgeons removing dead branches from tall trees. When I arrived to say hello to my tree I found it had been sawn…

A cold sketch

This morning there was a heavy frost so I went to the sketching group at the park well wrapped up. The light was amazing and the hour went by very quickly. Nearly all the leaves are off the trees now and their bones show an amazing range of colours  in the winter sun.