Four of us met to sketch in the park this morning and as it was was so hot all of us set about finding shady places to do our drawings. I chose a cool place near the gravel garden and was attracted by these majestic Gunnera leaves. I love the dramatic shapes they make between…

Summer blooms

Hotham Park’s newly planted rose garden is starting to look good though there are a few gaps where someone thought they should help themselves to 8 David Austin rose bushes after they were planted. Somebody out there has a nice new rose garden at public expense. The roses will be replaced later costing the council…


Today was Hotham Park Sketchers day and three of us sketched for a a lovely sun drenched hour. I used water soluble wax crayons with spit and fingers for water. I chose this shady spot under old yew trees then took a photo to remind me of the scene.

Trees and gulls

This morning in the Park I sat on my little folding stool to sketch these spindly trees. The leaves were such an incredible vivid yellow green where the sun caught them but it was the trunks I was interested in. After I sat on a bench by the pool and was visited by two gulls…

Attempting the impossible

I joined the Hotham Park Sketchers group and in an hour attempted the impossible. I was seduced by the lovely green of leaves around a lime tree bole mixed with shapely Italian lilies. I’ve missed the mark by a long way but I suppose anybody seeing this sketch will not know that. The colours were…

Spring in the Lodge Garden

Sketching group in the Park today; what to draw in an hour? Big fat tulips in the Lodge House garden caught my eye with a riot of green things bursting to get attention all around, though at the moment these biggies had centre stage. Drawn in pen and pastel.

Spring shapes.

Hotham Park Sketchers met today and I wandered over to the small Lodge house garden, where everything is pushing up to the sun, thoughI must say a bit of that would not have gone amiss today. I love the contrasting shapes and colours of the leaves and they jostle towards the light.