Green Canopy

This 60x60cm work is the second in the series inspired by looking up into tree canopies though it still has a long way to go. I have done 4 sessions so far and here are the last three, I failed to record the first. I failed to record the first.


There is a little train that runs in Hotham Park in the summer and half term holidays. He is named Boris and children love him. I’m told his name is derived not from a certain blond desheveled politician but from a condensed version of the town’s name, Bognor Regis. The name is the result of…

Autumn in the rose garden

The circular rose garden in Hotham Park is a peaceful place to sit, surrounded by dark hedges and encircled by a brick path where well placed seats allow one to enjoy the buzzing of bees as they work the lavender. This painting is taken from a pastel sketch I did last autumn

Wild Patch

I love the wild corners of Hotham Park. This is a lovely sunny place in the wildlife conservation area. The late summer colours are glorious with yellow ragwort, seeded docks and teasels. This is painted acrylic on a 70 x 70cm fine cotton box canvas.