Finishing touches

I have put the finishing touches to this by painting in the crows. Hotham Park has a large population of crows and rooks strutting around and nesting in tall trees. The crows are unusual in that they have white feathers in their wings.

Summer Elderberry, stage 1

My second post today and I promise not to rant! After my long painstaking session on the snow scene this morning I felt I needed to launch out into something freer. This is the first stage  the summer version of my trio of Elderberry tree paintings.

Winter in Hotham Park, again, stage 3

There comes a time with a painting that one really wishes it was finished but there stretches ahead a tundra of sheer plod which goes on until the end is finally reached. I think that is why I have restrain myself from hitting the well-meaning person who says, “It’s so relaxing, it must be nice…

Winter in Hotham Park stage 2

Spent 4-5 hours working on the second stage of this today. Alkyd paints dry overnight making it possible to continue the following day. I use them in the summer when I can open the windows in my studio. In warm weather acrylics dry too quickly leaving no working time. There is still a lot to…