‘One misty moisty morning…’

Today’s sketching for the Hotham Park Sketchers group reminded me of that children’s nursery rhyme as it was misty, cold and damp giving me chilled hands and feet. It was with a sense of relief I got to the cafe to warm up after. I did manage this pastel sketch on A3 beige kraft paper….

Autumn bluster and bling in the park

Last week I sat on cold sunny day to do some pastel sketching but today I joined the sketching group for our fortnightly draw. We were very quickly forced to the shelter of the cafe as the wind came up bringing sideways rain with it. The small pavilion I was in had not provided protection…

There’s gold in that there Park

A couple of days ago I posted plein-air pastel sketches. I usually  take a few photos too. The frosts and wind will soon put an end to the show but if you are prepared to look in some of the hidden places gold can still be found.

Another golden day in the park

This morning I had all sorts of plans to catch up on housework, finish some illustrations  and move my geraniums to the garage for  the winter but when my husband suggested it was a warm sunny day and so  ideal for sketching in the park it didn’t take much arm twisting for me to hop…

Getting ready for the show

Went to the park yesterday to dicuss preparations for my one night exhibition to be held on Monday October 24 from 6.30. I arrived about half an hour early for the meeting in the cafe so wandered into the Mediterranean garden to do this quick sketch of the ravishing autumn colours which were so intense…

Autumn daze

I went to the park today armed with a new drawing pad and pastels. I will post the sketch I did another time but the stars of today’s show were definitely these teasels and  Michaelmas daisies. The sun was warm and the Park seemed in a daze, or was it me? ?

Autumn in the rose garden

The circular rose garden in Hotham Park is a peaceful place to sit, surrounded by dark hedges and encircled by a brick path where well placed seats allow one to enjoy the buzzing of bees as they work the lavender. This painting is taken from a pastel sketch I did last autumn

Goodbye Autumn colours

Last week I was able to go into Hotham Park to sketch several times but this week has been a very different story with wind and rain making sitting out with pastels and paper a non option. I know when I go to the Park next it will almost be dressed for winter and though…