Running out of time

Help! I have  and exhibition in a months time and I’m starting to panic I won’t get everything done in time. Today I got into my studio at 5.45am and painted all day until 5 pm with only short breaks for meals. I worked on three paintings two almost done plus one new.

Cow Parsley again

Yesterday I did I a lot of work on this painting, it’s really quite a marathon as it’s so busy and I found myself wondering more than once what had got into me when I started it. Its still not finished but it’s getting more where I want it to be.

Cow Parsley Stage 2

Starting a painting like this is one thing, finishing it is quite another. There is a saying which state a work is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and I think its true! Yesterday I did a quick  walk through the park and there is so much to see, it’s almost an overload for someone like me.

Cow parsley time

I came across a wonderful display of Cow parsley and Campion in a wild area of Hotham and perhaps rather foolishly I have started on a painting of it. Sometimes I think I have a perverse gluttony for punishment! This is the first stage and it all looks rather pasty but no doubt after several sessions…