Sketching again…

Make sketch while the sun shines! So I headed to the Park for a meeting  in the cafe  but took my trusty pencils and book along to use after. Very hot, but thats not a complaint, I love it. I’m not sure the Park does though as eveything is looking a bit tired and in…


The park is noisy with the shouting of children as its school holidays but they cannot hope to compete with the tree top congregation of crows and rooks.

Corvids, finished

What did Burns say about plans going astray? My planned calm day turned into an unexpected trip to Chichester to fetch prints which were supposed to be delivered yesterday and a flat tyre on the way home. In spite of all that I managed to finish this painting.

Finishing touches

I have put the finishing touches to this by painting in the crows. Hotham Park has a large population of crows and rooks strutting around and nesting in tall trees. The crows are unusual in that they have white feathers in their wings.