Dried umbels

Digitalised monoprint of autumn umbels. I’m not that skilled with mono-printing but I rather like that the mess I produce can be  worked on digitally. Maybe this produces an even bigger mess but it gets me going and I’m enjoying myself!


Dense patches of dried grasses and reeds from the conservation area of the Park make intricate textures shown in this digitalised mono print.


This began as a black and white mono print which I messed with in my pixelmator programme. The reed beds in the wildlife conservation part of Hotham are a wonderful tangle of grasses and teasel seed heads. Later I plan to do a larger painting of this place.

Getting creative in 2016

I’ve been in a bit of a creative wilderness these last few months so have decided to try to do something artistic each day of 2016. When I did this a few years back I found it very stimulating and a lot of  useful material came out of it. For this blog I will  only…