Spring in the Winter Garden

I really can’t make up my mind whether this is finished. It has got to the stage where the temptation is to continue titivating, adding a stroke here or a bit more just there. This can  mess up a painting. On balance I think I will let it rest for a few weeks as things…


What a week! Last weekend we put up our annual recycle exhibition in the Cloudhopper Gallery and held our Wearable Art Fashion show. To my delight later I sold a picture from the gallery and because this left a gap in our display I did another along the same lines called Wabi Sabi Blossom Time….

Still working on this portrait.

Having a fight with the hand here, not the easiest to do at the best of times but as I’ve adapted the pose bit and I have to somehow make it look convincing. It is a good job alkyd paints dry in six hours! I’ll try again later.


My painting of the Mediterranean Garden in Hotham Park is finished. With only 18 more days to go until my exhibition opens I wondered if  would do it, But, I  DID IT. Now on to several other projects in the making.