A sketch with friends

A friend of mine has started a sketching group in Hotham Park and as I am artist for the park I have joined in. There is no tuition just the pleasure of a bunch of people being together doing the same thing. Then there is the excellent coffee in the cafe when we’ve had enough,or…

The Hotham Gravel Garden Stage 1

I’ve started work on a new painting which is on an 80×80 cm Jute canvas. The gravel garden with its water features is a new addition to the landscaping in Hotham Park. The planting is dramatic with a huge leaved plant in one corner and many strappy reed like plants. The colour of the gravel…

Spring in the Winter Garden

I really can’t make up my mind whether this is finished. It has got to the stage where the temptation is to continue titivating, adding a stroke here or a bit more just there. This can  mess up a painting. On balance I think I will let it rest for a few weeks as things…

Pastel reeds

The trees in Hotham Park are turning green but the dry reeds in the wildlife pond are still a lovely soft creamy colour whilst the oaks  above are already dressed for a party.

Spring in the Park

It’s been a while since I went sketching in the Park what with taking part in the art trail and dodgy weather but today I was able to spend several hours drawing in the hot sunshine. I’m glad I caught the spring greens before they all turn summer dark.

Sunlight on the bare trees

I think one of the jobs artists do is to make people look at things they would otherwise pass by, to open their eyes to see things more clearly. The other day in the park I took quite a lot of photos of the bare trees. The branches look wonderful in the sun with all…

Willows, monoprint.

I am enjoying monoprinting so much, using images from my Hotham park sketchbook as a staring point. here is a print of willows found in the winter garden.