Winter in the Park

Yesterday I posted a sketch I did and today here is a photo of the same spot plus some surprising shots of roses in bloom, don’t they know its late December?

Big tidy up in the Park.

Keeping a park the size of Hotham looking good is a huge job and there has to be a nice balance between formality and wildness. Sometimes the wildness gets the upper hand so recently there has been big clean up with brambles and overgrown beds cleared, including the conservation pond which had completely reeded over….

Back to monoprinting

I was asked to run a monoprint workshop for the Southdowns Folk Festival taking place in Bognor  town centre. The only real connection with the Park is that the festival was hosted there last year.  In preparation and to get my hand back in I had another go at reeds inspired by the wildlife pond…

New water feature.

Last year this area was a dry pond except during the awful storms during the first half of 2014. The water drained away through holes in the membrane and left a desert. Now to my delight, a new smaller pond and gravel garden has been created in the area.