Big tidy up in the Park.

Keeping a park the size of Hotham looking good is a huge job and there has to be a nice balance between formality and wildness. Sometimes the wildness gets the upper hand so recently there has been big clean up with brambles and overgrown beds cleared, including the conservation pond which had completely reeded over….

Back to monoprinting

I was asked to run a monoprint workshop for the Southdowns Folk Festival taking place in Bognor  town centre. The only real connection with the Park is that the festival was hosted there last year.  In preparation and to get my hand back in I had another go at reeds inspired by the wildlife pond…

Pastel reeds

The trees in Hotham Park are turning green but the dry reeds in the wildlife pond are still a lovely soft creamy colour whilst the oaks  above are already dressed for a party.

Wild Patch

I love the wild corners of Hotham Park. This is a lovely sunny place in the wildlife conservation area. The late summer colours are glorious with yellow ragwort, seeded docks and teasels. This is painted acrylic on a 70 x 70cm fine cotton box canvas.


There is a prolific reed bed in Hotham Park’s wildlife conservation area which has inspired this monoprint. Unlike etching or lino printing one only  gets one go with each  plate but here I have succeeded in producing three. I like the last palest one best.