Summer blooms

Hotham Park’s newly planted rose garden is starting to look good though there are a few gaps where someone thought they should help themselves to 8 David Austin rose bushes after they were planted. Somebody out there has a nice new rose garden at public expense. The roses will be replaced later costing the council…

Summer Elderberry, stage 1

My second post today and I promise not to rant! After my long painstaking session on the snow scene this morning I felt I needed to launch out into something freer. This is the first stage  the summer version of my trio of Elderberry tree paintings.

Summer, Stage 2

After two weeks away I’m back to work in earnest as my September exhibition is approaching at alarming speed. First day back was a mountain of washing,  gardening, wouldn’t it be great if we could turn the plants off like the fridge and get them to start again when we get back, as well as…

Summer, stage 1

The copper beeches have turned that wonderful dark mahogany colour and the greens are taking on that dark summer hue. The first stage of this painting is in acrylic but I think I will finish it in oils. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before we go away.