Spring sketch

Today I met with the fortnightly Hotham Park sketchers group. The sun looked lovely but as I sat in the shade drawing thisI got chilly in the wind. The Park looks wonderful but in need of a good shower as we have not had rain for a long time.

New park work

Yesterday I started a new painting of a bare hazel tree which had lovely greens and yellows and complex twisting shapes. I decided to wing it and began to draw straight onto the natural linen canvas with an oil stick and thinners. This is the work after two sessions. using alkyd paints which dry overnight…

Sketch in the mist take 2

In the previous post of this sketch I threatened to have another go so tried to do more work in my studio.  The good thing about a blog like this that one can share failure as well as success. Persoanally  rate this a flop though I have learned a few things along the way. I…

Playing with pastels

I have recently bought a new  muli-media A3 sketch pad which is a soft brown colour and so far I like  it very much. I have been trying out pastels and today I did three quick studies in the park. Here they are along with  one I did earlier this week.

Spring in the Park

It’s been a while since I went sketching in the Park what with taking part in the art trail and dodgy weather but today I was able to spend several hours drawing in the hot sunshine. I’m glad I caught the spring greens before they all turn summer dark.


The park is noisy with the shouting of children as its school holidays but they cannot hope to compete with the tree top congregation of crows and rooks.

Sunlight on the bare trees

I think one of the jobs artists do is to make people look at things they would otherwise pass by, to open their eyes to see things more clearly. The other day in the park I took quite a lot of photos of the bare trees. The branches look wonderful in the sun with all…

Holm Oaks in the Morning Sun

This mono print is taken from a pencil sketch of Holm Oaks seen in the morning sun at Hotham Park. The foliage is so dark but the light shining on the grass such a contrast. Continuing exploring mono printing I used rollers, fingers and other tools to create this print which is the largest I have done…

Spring in the Park, monoprint

The weather has been too wet  and windy to spend time in the park at the moment but I have many sketches and visual memories to draw on. I an looking forward to seeing these colours again but in the meantime I am experimenting with mono printing. The method is to spread the ink directly…

Grove, monoprint

For 2016 I have decided to do some sort of artwork each day not all of them are from Hotham Park but here is one based on a drawing I did of a small grove of trees in the wintergarden area. I have produced several versions and here is one of them. The first version…