Spring in the Winter Garden

I really can’t make up my mind whether this is finished. It has got to the stage where the temptation is to continue titivating, adding a stroke here or a bit more just there. This can  mess up a painting. On balance I think I will let it rest for a few weeks as things…

Willows, monoprint.

I am enjoying monoprinting so much, using images from my Hotham park sketchbook as a staring point. here is a print of willows found in the winter garden.

Getting creative in 2016

I’ve been in a bit of a creative wilderness these last few months so have decided to try to do something artistic each day of 2016. When I did this a few years back I found it very stimulating and a lot of  useful material came out of it. For this blog I will  only…

Couldn’t leave it alone.

It’s hard to leave a painting when you see something wrong, there is that nagging feeling of a chord unresolved. That is why I’m posting again so soon. I just had to correct the things I felt were wrong. Maybe this is the last time but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Winter Garden stage 3

I thought  this painting was finished but decided it needed more work. Among other things I have added the blackbird and I can already see I will have to do a bit more work as he stands out as the star just a bit too much!