I always think finishing a painting is the most difficult part of the process. Knowing when to stop and assessing what still needs to be done is crucial as it is so easy to over work a piece and lose something in the process. I worked on this yesterday but this morning felt it still lacked something. Enter my spouse who can be very helpful though at times his joke suggestions of adding coke cans and crisp packets don’t hit the spot. Today he nailed it and I attacked the painting before breakfast. Now I THINK it is finished but I won’t know until it has skulked around in my studio for while. You never know, I might just add a crisp packet!


One thought

  1. Love it Rita. Look forward to seeing it for real. It connects with my passion for trees and the crisp packet idea would also be just the kind of thing that I’d love too. The extra splash of contrasting colour. The message it says about man made alongside and intruding into the nattural world but nevertheless, there can be beauty found in the images all this rubbish creates.

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