Up to the eyeballs in paint at the Park

Second day of Hotham Park Country Fair. Today I became the demon paint squirter as I dished out paint to 40+ children who came to the tent to slosh paint around. Between squirting  there was washing palettes in a bucket, filling and emptying water pots from a clean bucket, emptying said bucket, giving advice to budding Picassos, and at one point providing a quiet corner which didn’t stay quiet long, for a group elderly folks who asked if they could sit down to have lunch. I had to smile as they sat in front of the tent under a sign which read children’s park art and suggested they might qualify if they were in their second childhood. My youngest painter was 1 year old. Three times I had to call for help from stewards as my tent was collapsing in the gusty wind. WHEW WHAT A DAY, good though.



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