Running out of time

Help! I have  and exhibition in a months time and I’m starting to panic I won’t get everything done in time. Today I got into my studio at 5.45am and painted all day until 5 pm with only short breaks for meals. I worked on three paintings two almost done plus one new.

A shady spot

During the really hot weather I took my sketching group, to this lovely shady spot in Hotham Park. It’s a place I like to go back to as there are so many different species of trees there.

Up to the eyeballs in paint at the Park

Second day of Hotham Park Country Fair. Today I became the demon paint squirter as I dished out paint to 40+ children who came to the tent to slosh paint around. Between squirting  there was washing palettes in a bucket, filling and emptying water pots from a clean bucket, emptying said bucket, giving advice to…

A day at Hotham Park Country Fair

As I am artist for the park I was asked to run a children’s activity tent for the two-days of the country fair. I have  survived today’s steady stream of young artists covering sheets of paper with lurid paints and having a wonderful time. My back aches, my feet are killing me and I’m girding…