Big tidy up in the Park.

Keeping a park the size of Hotham looking good is a huge job and there has to be a nice balance between formality and wildness. Sometimes the wildness gets the upper hand so recently there has been big clean up with brambles and overgrown beds cleared, including the conservation pond which had completely reeded over….

Sketcher’s group tree

‘Not another tree’ I can hear you say but this Yew is one I hadn’t noticed before and as the sketcher’s group meeting is only an hour I thought I had better get on with it. I don’t feel I have done this justice and will probably return to draw it again.

Bare Hazel tree

Since Christmas I have had a sort of painter’s block, if there is such a thing, and I have found it difficult to pick up my brushes but I saw this bare Hazel in the spring sunshine and was inspired to put it it on canvas. I started it months ago and its only now…

Spring sketch

Today I met with the fortnightly Hotham Park sketchers group. The sun looked lovely but as I sat in the shade drawing thisI got chilly in the wind. The Park looks wonderful but in need of a good shower as we have not had rain for a long time.

New park work

Yesterday I started a new painting of a bare hazel tree which had lovely greens and yellows and complex twisting shapes. I decided to wing it and began to draw straight onto the natural linen canvas with an oil stick and thinners. This is the work after two sessions. using alkyd paints which dry overnight…

Park art

Yesterday I tried to sketch a very complicated Hazel tree during the Park Sketchers meeting. I must say I didn’t make things easy for myself. The colours were wonderful with mustard and green showing up when the sun came out. I’ll post a photo I took after. The other is a quick demonstration work for my…

Goodbye old friend

Yesterday as I wandered around the Park I visited one of my favourite places, a rather wild area with a very old Elderberry tree in it. On the way I noticed  the tree surgeons removing dead branches from tall trees. When I arrived to say hello to my tree I found it had been sawn…