Spot the difference

Sometimes when you haven’t seen one of your paintings for a long time errors stand out like a sore thumb. I did this painting in 2014 as part of my ‘Walk in the Park’ exhibition when I was artist in residence for the park. Although the work is quite detailed it was done rather quickly…

I came, I sloshed paint around, I went home!

Sketching group today. Travelled light with my little field box of watercolours and sat in my favourite tree grove sloshing away. Trouble with watercolour is that it really cares about having the right paper (because its worth it)and can quickly descend into a muddy mess, it also helps if you don’t upset half the contents…

Teasel Patch

I return again again to this patch of teasels in the conservation area of the park. They start a lovely soft green then the mauve flowers appear and they gradually change into gentle beiges and finally shades of brown. I have incuded them in several artworks.      

Green Canopy

This 60x60cm work is the second in the series inspired by looking up into tree canopies though it still has a long way to go. I have done 4 sessions so far and here are the last three, I failed to record the first. I failed to record the first.

Country Fair caper

I have  spent the weekend at the Hotham Park Country Fair  showing my work as Artist in Residence for the Park and demonstrating painting and pastels in a gazebo. There were a couple of showers on the first day which made things even more interesting but Sunday was a glorious shower free day. There were…