Sketching on a hot day

At sketcher’s group today I skulked in the shade to sketch this clump of thistles only to find just a tiny piece of dark green the size of a cherry stone left in my box. Being soft pastels that didn’t last long and I found myself having to improvise to get the deeper tones on…

‘One misty moisty morning…’

Today’s sketching for the Hotham Park Sketchers group reminded me of that children’s nursery rhyme as it was misty, cold and damp giving me chilled hands and feet. It was with a sense of relief I got to the cafe to warm up after. I did manage this pastel sketch on A3 beige kraft paper….

Attempting the impossible

I joined the Hotham Park Sketchers group and in an hour attempted the impossible. I was seduced by the lovely green of leaves around a lime tree bole mixed with shapely Italian lilies. I’ve missed the mark by a long way but I suppose anybody seeing this sketch will not know that. The colours were…

Spring in the Lodge Garden

Sketching group in the Park today; what to draw in an hour? Big fat tulips in the Lodge House garden caught my eye with a riot of green things bursting to get attention all around, though at the moment these biggies had centre stage. Drawn in pen and pastel.

What a tangled web…

In Sketchers group at Hotham Park today I sat to draw a very complicated old tree root. Perhaps foolhardy as we only have an hour. The work looked rather undefined until I added some dark pen lines when I got home. I always think roots like this  look alive and always remind me of Graham…

Teasel Patch

I return again again to this patch of teasels in the conservation area of the park. They start a lovely soft green then the mauve flowers appear and they gradually change into gentle beiges and finally shades of brown. I have incuded them in several artworks.      

Justice not done!

I joined the fortnightly Hotham Park Sketchers today. It was cold sitting under the trees and I certainly didn’t do this scene justice, took a photo to prove it, but at least I did something before escaping to the cafe for hot coffee. I used felt tips and pastel to create this glorious mess.

Long time no post!

Its been along time since I’ve been able to go to the Park or anywhere as we have kept ourselves away from people to avoid my husband getting an infection before a big lung operation. The operation is now over and very successful. Today I was able to join the sketchers in the Park.  It…

Sketcher’s group tree

‘Not another tree’ I can hear you say but this Yew is one I hadn’t noticed before and as the sketcher’s group meeting is only an hour I thought I had better get on with it. I don’t feel I have done this justice and will probably return to draw it again.