Spring sketch

Today I met with the fortnightly Hotham Park sketchers group. The sun looked lovely but as I sat in the shade drawing thisI got chilly in the wind. The Park looks wonderful but in need of a good shower as we have not had rain for a long time.

Sketch in the mist take 2

In the previous post of this sketch I threatened to have another go so tried to do more work in my studio.  The good thing about a blog like this that one can share failure as well as success. Persoanally  rate this a flop though I have learned a few things along the way. I…

Sketching in the mist.

Today I went to the Park early (ish)  to sketch in the misty conditions. I used an A2 size Pastelmat with a dark slate surface. I bought three of these sheets some years ago to try but never got around to it. Truth is they were expensive and I didn’t want to mess them up…

Park art

Yesterday I tried to sketch a very complicated Hazel tree during the Park Sketchers meeting. I must say I didn’t make things easy for myself. The colours were wonderful with mustard and green showing up when the sun came out. I’ll post a photo I took after. The other is a quick demonstration work for my…

Autumn bluster and bling in the park

Last week I sat on cold sunny day to do some pastel sketching but today I joined the sketching group for our fortnightly draw. We were very quickly forced to the shelter of the cafe as the wind came up bringing sideways rain with it. The small pavilion I was in had not provided protection…

Another golden day in the park

This morning I had all sorts of plans to catch up on housework, finish some illustrations  and move my geraniums to the garage for  the winter but when my husband suggested it was a warm sunny day and so  ideal for sketching in the park it didn’t take much arm twisting for me to hop…

Pastel reeds

The trees in Hotham Park are turning green but the dry reeds in the wildlife pond are still a lovely soft creamy colour whilst the oaks  above are already dressed for a party.

Spring in the Park

It’s been a while since I went sketching in the Park what with taking part in the art trail and dodgy weather but today I was able to spend several hours drawing in the hot sunshine. I’m glad I caught the spring greens before they all turn summer dark.

Winter trees

A break in the weather allowed a visit to the Park today. I began this drawing in pale sunlight which quickly turned to November grey chill which made a trip to the cafe for warm soup essential!