Big tidy up in the Park.

Keeping a park the size of Hotham looking good is a huge job and there has to be a nice balance between formality and wildness. Sometimes the wildness gets the upper hand so recently there has been big clean up with brambles and overgrown beds cleared, including the conservation pond which had completely reeded over….

Fresh start for a new year

Always looking for fresh ways to depict the Park I started the first painting of 2018. Last year I decided to do a series of works inspired by looking up into the trees  in the Park. I took a  set of resource photos to use. Some of them are deliberatly out of focus but I…

The Secret Garden

In a far corner of Hotham Park there is a delightful little secret (almost) garden which has been restored since I first visited it some years ago. This is what it looks like now.

Artistic ducks

Whilst sketching yesterday I was visited by two ducks who obviously knew good art when they saw it….well thats how I like to think. Actually they couldn’t see what I was doing as they were below me on the grass close to the bandstand where I sat. I guess its the time of year when…

Park art

Yesterday I tried to sketch a very complicated Hazel tree during the Park Sketchers meeting. I must say I didn’t make things easy for myself. The colours were wonderful with mustard and green showing up when the sun came out. I’ll post a photo I took after. The other is a quick demonstration work for my…

Spring sun in Hotham Park

Today I joined the fortnightly sketchers in Hotham Park again and was surprised how much springing has gone on. I know it happens every year but somehow always comes as a delightful surprise.