Spring shapes.

Hotham Park Sketchers met today and I wandered over to the small Lodge house garden, where everything is pushing up to the sun, thoughI must say a bit of that would not have gone amiss today. I love the contrasting shapes and colours of the leaves and they jostle towards the light.

Its all happening at the Park…

Spring I mean. We have a really sunny day after days of mist, mirk  and  rain and the park is buzzing with all kinds of activity like tree surgery, dog walking, coffee taking at the cafe and the cawing of  the resident crows up in their nests. At last it does feel like what has…

Bare Hazel tree

Since Christmas I have had a sort of painter’s block, if there is such a thing, and I have found it difficult to pick up my brushes but I saw this bare Hazel in the spring sunshine and was inspired to put it it on canvas. I started it months ago and its only now…

Spring sketch

Today I met with the fortnightly Hotham Park sketchers group. The sun looked lovely but as I sat in the shade drawing thisI got chilly in the wind. The Park looks wonderful but in need of a good shower as we have not had rain for a long time.

Spring sun in Hotham Park

Today I joined the fortnightly sketchers in Hotham Park again and was surprised how much springing has gone on. I know it happens every year but somehow always comes as a delightful surprise.

Pastel reeds

The trees in Hotham Park are turning green but the dry reeds in the wildlife pond are still a lovely soft creamy colour whilst the oaks  above are already dressed for a party.

Spring in the Park

It’s been a while since I went sketching in the Park what with taking part in the art trail and dodgy weather but today I was able to spend several hours drawing in the hot sunshine. I’m glad I caught the spring greens before they all turn summer dark.


The park is noisy with the shouting of children as its school holidays but they cannot hope to compete with the tree top congregation of crows and rooks.

Spring in the Park, monoprint

The weather has been too wet  and windy to spend time in the park at the moment but I have many sketches and visual memories to draw on. I an looking forward to seeing these colours again but in the meantime I am experimenting with mono printing. The method is to spread the ink directly…