Park art

Yesterday I tried to sketch a very complicated Hazel tree during the Park Sketchers meeting. I must say I didn’t make things easy for myself. The colours were wonderful with mustard and green showing up when the sun came out. I’ll post a photo I took after. The other is a quick demonstration work for my…

A cold sketch

This morning there was a heavy frost so I went to the sketching group at the park well wrapped up. The light was amazing and the hour went by very quickly. Nearly all the leaves are off the trees now and their bones show an amazing range of colours  in the winter sun.

Snowy landscape, monoprint

Because the weather is so unsuitable for hanging around under trees sketching I am drawing on images from my sketchbook to create some of the monoprints I’m doing. Using black ink lends itself to snow scenes and here is one based on a drawing of a tree I did a while ago.

Summer Elderberry, stage 1

My second post today and I promise not to rant! After my long painstaking session on the snow scene this morning I felt I needed to launch out into something freer. This is the first stage  the summer version of my trio of Elderberry tree paintings.


I always think finishing a painting is the most difficult part of the process. Knowing when to stop and assessing what still needs to be done is crucial as it is so easy to over work a piece and lose something in the process. I worked on this yesterday but this morning felt it still…

Magnolia, Stage 3

This morning I’ve had another go at this and I think it may be finished but as so often happens after the work has dried and hung around in my studio for a while I inevitably see something I need to correct.