Snowy landscape, monoprint

Because the weather is so unsuitable for hanging around under trees sketching I am drawing on images from my sketchbook to create some of the monoprints I’m doing. Using black ink lends itself to snow scenes and here is one based on a drawing of a tree I did a while ago.

Finishing touches

I have put the finishing touches to this by painting in the crows. Hotham Park has a large population of crows and rooks strutting around and nesting in tall trees. The crows are unusual in that they have white feathers in their wings.

Winter in Hotham Park, again, stage 3

There comes a time with a painting that one really wishes it was finished but there stretches ahead a tundra of sheer plod which goes on until the end is finally reached. I think that is why I have restrain myself from hitting the well-meaning person who says, “It’s so relaxing, it must be nice…

Winter in Hotham Park stage 2

Spent 4-5 hours working on the second stage of this today. Alkyd paints dry overnight making it possible to continue the following day. I use them in the summer when I can open the windows in my studio. In warm weather acrylics dry too quickly leaving no working time. There is still a lot to…

Winter Garden stage 3

I thought  this painting was finished but decided it needed more work. Among other things I have added the blackbird and I can already see I will have to do a bit more work as he stands out as the star just a bit too much!


I always think finishing a painting is the most difficult part of the process. Knowing when to stop and assessing what still needs to be done is crucial as it is so easy to over work a piece and lose something in the process. I worked on this yesterday but this morning felt it still…