Sketching in the mist.

Today I went to the Park early (ish)  to sketch in the misty conditions. I used an A2 size Pastelmat with a dark slate surface. I bought three of these sheets some years ago to try but never got around to it. Truth is they were expensive and I didn’t want to mess them up but have decided if I think like that I will end up leaving behind enough art materials to start a mail order company when I go to the big studio in the sky. I chose the slate colour as it seemed right for  a misty scene background. What a mess, too dark, though the surface is good to work on. I may have another go on this but in the meantime here is the morning’s effort.

I drew from the bandstand out of the mizzle,  accompanied by large empty vodka bottle which some Friday night reveller had left behind.


2 thoughts

  1. Thanks outsideauthority. Glad you like it. I think it looks better here reproduced small, I was using a new material so I tell myself at least I got out there and did something. The paper has a fine sandpaper like texture which takes the pastel well but I did battle with the too dark background which I think would suit a different subject better.

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