The Poodle tree

I have been Artist in Residence for Hotham Park in Bognor Regis since October 2013. Some years have been more productive than others but I have made quite a few paintings and a lot of sketches during this time. Some trees become familiar friends and this huge Black Poplar sketched during our fortnightly Hotham park sketchers group is one. Deceived by the promise of mild weather I quickly got very cold in the damp wind which sprung up from the sea and retreated to the cafe to finish off.

When I first explored the park this tree had a twin which sadly blew down in one of the big storms which occurred in autumn of 2013. The tree was a favoutite nesting place for some of the many Crow residents of the park. Later it was decided to poll the top heavy tree to avoid it following its sister in the next big storm, the result produced a wonderful poodle like hairdo and as the tree is so prominant it has appeared in many sketches and paintings.

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