March winds…

Met with fellow members of the Hotham Park Sketchers group for our fortnightly endurance test in the park. Honestly, I don’t know how those keen impressionists managed it, carting all their painting tools, canvases, stools, easels and umbrellas in all weather, even snow. As I got off the bus I was treated to a brief shower as I walked to meet my sketching mates. We shivered under a damp grey sky as we set out in various directions for an hour of work before we could get our hands round a hot coffee cup. The sun did come out but the wind came up blowing Col’s water cup over and flicking her page as she worked. I did this scribble with fine pens, spit and finger. Our aim is to keep going right through the cold months rain or shine even if we have to make do with view out of the cafe window. Anyway here is my result and, plus much better photos I took on my new iPad toy.

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