Alder: Into the canopy 3

This is part of a series based on looking into the canopy of the trees in Hotham Park. I may need to do a little more work to tidy one or two loose ends but its nearly there. I somtimes  wonder why I start things like this!  

Jerusalem Sage

Hotham Park Sketchers met today and it was so nice to feel the warm sun while I sat in the little Mediterranean garden drawing this Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis) which is one of my favourite plants with its velvety leaves and green buds. It will erupt  bright yellow flowers later then green seedheads changing to a…

Teasel Patch

I return again again to this patch of teasels in the conservation area of the park. They start a lovely soft green then the mauve flowers appear and they gradually change into gentle beiges and finally shades of brown. I have incuded them in several artworks.      

Justice not done!

I joined the fortnightly Hotham Park Sketchers today. It was cold sitting under the trees and I certainly didn’t do this scene justice, took a photo to prove it, but at least I did something before escaping to the cafe for hot coffee. I used felt tips and pastel to create this glorious mess.