Green Canopy

This 60x60cm work is the second in the series inspired by looking up into tree canopies though it still has a long way to go. I have done 4 sessions so far and here are the last three, I failed to record the first. I failed to record the first.

Fresh start for a new year

Always looking for fresh ways to depict the Park I started the first painting of 2018. Last year I decided to do a series of works inspired by looking up into the trees  in the Park. I took a  set of resource photos to use. Some of them are deliberatly out of focus but I…

Long time no post!

Its been along time since I’ve been able to go to the Park or anywhere as we have kept ourselves away from people to avoid my husband getting an infection before a big lung operation. The operation is now over and very successful. Today I was able to join the sketchers in the Park.  It…

Sketcher’s group tree

‘Not another tree’ I can hear you say but this Yew is one I hadn’t noticed before and as the sketcher’s group meeting is only an hour I thought I had better get on with it. I don’t feel I have done this justice and will probably return to draw it again.

Country Fair sketch

Last week I had a gazebo showing my work at the Hotham Park Country Fair. I was asked to ‘demonstrate’ so there was nothing for it but get out a large sheet of pastel paper and have a go at representing the scene opposite which was the Lions tea and beer tent. I have called…