Panic stations…

Last time I posted I was in a tiz about how much I have to do before my exhibition. Enter the technical hitch. Now I class myself as one of those people whom Humphrey Littleton  called Techno serfs, that is opposed to those who rank as technocrats. Technocrats manage machines and negotiate through the complexities of modern technology with ease whereas techno serfs have a habit of being bedevilled by tech. hitches that take hours of valuable time to sort out.

 I got my press release all ready to send out but as I was doing so my lovely little, but very old Mac book died without warning. All hopes of a resuscitation were dashed when I was told my friend had died of old age and revival was not possible. All my images were locked in it’s belly and, help, I need them NOW.  There was nothing for it but spending money, a lot of it, buying a new iMac. and  a transplant from the deceased. I am now back on-line after having another battle with our temperamental broadband connection. Many  thanks to the very patient young BT technician who talked me through getting things set up again. At last, A HUMAN BEING, not a recorded voice sending me round in ever decreasing circles!

I can now post the new painting of Hotham Park Lodge garden I am working on.


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